Effects of music on plant growth

A study done by scientists at university of arizona, tested the biological effect music would have on plants the link above shows what was done in the experiment, but basically what they found was a direct relationship between the sound vibrations and the growth of the plant. The effect of music on plant growth is often given as a science project in some schools the effect of sound, especially music, on plant growth has been continuously studied by researchers and. Scientists and researchers have long studied the effects of music on plant growth chronicling how music, from hard rock and boogie-woogie to the most refined classical pieces, may or may not stimulate plants to grow fascinates both the most-educated botanist and youngest science fair participant in.

Influence of music on plants testing has shown that a leaf fertilizer applied to the plant will have more effect on the development and growth of the plant if. The effect of music on plant growth ps - read this thread too about a similar question on quora and you'll find some great content there link - are plants affected by music. Doing an experiment with plants sprouted when prof gary schwartz suggested i read the secret life of plants while i was reading this book a conversation with dr. Hi, i'm starting my background research on how different types of music (classical and rock) have an effect on plant growth the background research is due the first day of school, which is august 23rd.

Plant growth and sound the following new scientist article provides scientific support to the theory that certain types of sound, such as music can improve plant growth. Music that encourages plant growth in dorothy retallack's book the sound of music and plants, retallack lists the effects that classical and rock music had on plants. This paper provides an overview of literature for the effects of sound waves on various growth parameters of plant at different growth stages effects of music.

The effect of continuous sound on the height, growth rate and percent germination of spring wheat was tested for 3, 5, 7 and 9khz at 75dba the wheat was grown in soundproof growth chambers with a 16 hour photoperiod at 170 ft-ca. Ncu professor tests effects of local music on plant growth the professor's interest in exploring the connection between music and plant production was sparked while grocery shopping one day in. However, many other physiological effects on plants of high mf described plant responses in terms of growth, development, photosynthesis, and redox status table 1 summary of magnetic field (mf) effects on plants. Pipe down that noise might affect your plants aside from urban legends about talking to your flower pots, is there any reason to study the effect of noise on plants one ecologist says yes. Determine the effect of music on the growth of plants for this experiment, get at least three different aloe vera plants put one plant in a room where the plant is exposed to rock or rap music.

In humans, music has a strong effect on our health and mood, and over the years, people have claimed that the same effect of music has been observed on plants, too plants are sensitive by nature, and many people claim that they feel just like humans do. The exact cause of music's effect on plants is unclear it is thought that plants may have mechanoreceptors that respond to pressure sound waves are made up of compressed air molecules. There are contradicting opinions about the effect of music on plants, and whether they feel, or understand the meaning of music but before getting into any conclusions, let us understand the meaning of music and plant growth. From my twenty days of information gathering i have drawn the conclusion that all music/spoken word affects plant growth negatively some plants were affected more negatively than others. Does music affect plant growth people have been experimenting with music and plants for almost three decades now from school- level amateur projects to higher-level scientific experiments, the effect of music on plants has been a.

Measuring effects of music, noise, and healing energy using a seed germination bioassay katherine creath, sound is known to affect the growth of plants. Many of us didn't know that the music have an effect to the growth of plant because music is a vibratory phenomenon air particles are set in motion and these air particles in turn set matter that is within hearing distance into motion. Talking to plants posted: 04/11/12 the team charted the plants' growth over 60 days afterward, the mythbusters determined the winning greenhouse by comparing.

  • Whether music affects plant growth has been the subject of many, many science fair projects it seems as though it is uncertain whether music really does have an effect sound is a wave traveling through air and it may be possible that changes in air pressure may affect plant growth (thus even ambient noise may contribute to plant growth.
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About positive music by don robertson the plant experiments in 1973, a woman named dorothy retallack published a small book called the sound of music and plants. In a series of studies, colorado researcher dorothy retallick chronicled the effects of different types of music on potted plants she found that when plants were exposed to jazz and classical music they reacted by leaning toward its source by up to 20 degrees during a two-week time span exposure. In order to find out whether or not music effects plant growth, we will be using experimenting with country, classical, and rap music we will also have a control of with no music playing we will measure the stem circumference, leaf length, and overall color and appearance of the plant.

effects of music on plant growth Bibliography note: all the resources listed below were originally consulted as references when creating our science buddies measuring plant growth guide however some of the resources no long exist on the internet.
Effects of music on plant growth
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